Salsa Hip-Hop Bootcamp

Datum: 27.01.2013
Zeit : 14:00 - 16:00
Cumbancha Tanzschule/Mas Salsa

Samuel ist unser neuer Gastlehrer aus Spanien. Das ist der Englische Text von ihm mit Konzept und Gestaltung. Wir denken, der Text ist selbsterklärend 🙂

Also melde Dich JETZT an !!!

If you want to try something different this is your opportunity!

Samuel Marichal is going to introduce us in Cumbancha SALSA-HOP, an energetic and fun dance based in the latin rhythms and the groove of hip hop. 

You will enjoy a lot and you will enrich your dancing with different and cool steps.

  • Body isolation and waving (1hour).

It is important control your body to express your dancing, we will learn how to do it. There are some movements that at first sight can seem really difficult to do it but we will simplify them and it will be really easy for you.

  • Salsahop (1 hour).

Great mixture between hiphop steps and salsa flavour.
A lot of street dances have the same counting than salsa so we can mix movements and improve our dancing skills.

  • Shines for social dancing (1 hour).

We will use our new movements to dance typical salsa songs. Taking into account the different instruments and musicality interpretation.

It is not neccesary to have a partner¡ Kein Tanzpartner nötig 🙂

Hier zwei kleine Salsavideos mit Samuel:

Lade Karte....

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